Weighing Scale Pallet Truck

Weighing Scale Pallet Truck

  • Pallet truck scales, with built-in electronic weighing, which are reliable, easy to use, and suitable for harsh work conditions.
  • These are essential for one who needs to weigh accurately but save time also.
  • Pallet Truck Scale is a rugged and cost-effective solution and features a dependable terminal including a large, easily visible display and efficient keyboard. It is a perfect fit for any warehouse, where precise and mobile weighing is crucial.
  • Rechargeable batteries, Charger built –in.



Weighing Scale Pallet Truck 
MOC MS Powder Coated Finish Or Paint
Drive Type Manual Push-Pull Type, Hydraulic Up-Down
Capacity 2000 kgs, 2500 Kgs
Fork Length 1150mm / 1220mm
Overall Fork Width 550mm / 685mm
Lower Fork Height 90-100mm
Lifting Height 200mm
Steering Wheels Size/ MOC 180mm x 50mm – Nylon/PU
Load Roller Size/ MOC 82mm x 70mm- Nylon/PU
Display 6 Digits LED (Height – 25mm)
Display Designator On/ Off, Zero, Tare, Kg/LBS
Power Source Rechargeable Battery, AC 110/2
Load Cell Load Cell 4 Nos.
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