Steel Box Cart

Steel Box Cart

  • Efficiently transport packages, boxes, supplies, parts for assembly operations, electronic parts transfer and more. Easy handling, easy rolling.
  • Solid wall box truck with steel deck and 12” sides can transport loads up to 1000 Kgs  depending on model
  • Manoeuvres easily with two rigid and two swivel casters. Tubular steel handle provides comfortable handling
  • Some models include extra features, such as a drop gate for side access or a lockable lid to secure contents
  • Having Turntable Device for Smooth Movement
  • Steel sider that allows for additional carrying capacity with Safe Movement of  material
  • Powder coat finish Or Paint



Steel Box Cart.
MOC MS Powder Coated Finish Or Paint
Drive Type Manual Push-Pull Type
Available Capacity Up to 1000 kgs.
Standard Top Platform Size 48” Length X 24” Width x 12” Sider

48” Length X 36” Width x 12” Sider

60” Length X 36” Width x 12” Sider

60” Length X 48” Width x 12” Sider

Special Top Platform Size/ Sider Height As Per Requirement
Wheel Option UHMW-PE, Nylon, Pneumatic, Solid Rubber Wheels


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