Stainless Steel Rotary Drum Pump

Stainless Steel Rotary Drum Pump

  • Rotary action Non-sparking / flameproof hand Operated drum pumps
  • Self-priming barrel pump quickly & easily dispenses corrosive Liquids/chemicals
  • Barrel pumps made exclusively from Teflon and stainless steel Materials.
  • For Any Solvents and Low Viscous Chemicals which are compatible With

Stainless Steel & Teflon (PTFE)


  • Low Viscous Liquid Transfer from the Drum/ Barrel



SS 316 Rotary Drum Pump. SS 304 Rotary Drum Pump.
Pump MOC SS 316 & TEFLON SS 304  & TEFLON
Drive Type Manual/ Hand Operated Manual/ Hand Operated
Head Meter Maximum 4 Meter Maximum 4 Meter
Suction Tube Length mm 1000 mm 1000 mm
Suction & Delivery Pipe mm 1” OD SS 316 Pipe 1” OD SS 316 Pipe
Operating Handle mm SS 316 Quality Material SS 316 Quality Material
Pump Seal& Blade PTFE ( Teflon) PTFE ( Teflon)
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