Polyurethane Rollers

Polyurethane Rollers

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  • Many industries and organizations rely on polyurethane rollers and wheels for a variety of applications. Rollers and wheels made out of polyurethane, are wear resistant and can carry higher loads than other materials of a similar hardness.
  • We explore the wide range of urethane roller/wheel types, the industries that rely on urethane rollers/wheels, and tips for choosing a urethane manufacturer.
  • Our large selection of conveyor rollersand equipment rollers suitable for light, medium and heavy-duty industrial applications.
  • All rollers/wheels are divided into two main categories, idler and drive.
  • Idler Rollers/Wheels:These sit “Idle”, as their name implies. They are set into a system and allow an object to move across them.  They are not powered and in order for the object to move, it must be propelled using energy gathered elsewhere.
  • Drive Rollers/Wheels: These provide the power to move objects. They are connected to a power supply (a motor of some type) and need friction to propel the object.  For example, a drive roller may be used to power a conveyor belt carrying parts in a factory.
  • Pinch Rollers/Wheels:These can also be referred to as laminating or nip rollers/wheels. They provide consistent pressure to a material as it is pulled through a machine.  For example, laminating materials are glued together and pressed between two rollers. Typically, one roller will drive, while the other is an idler. The high load bearing capability of urethane and its low compression set, is ideal for maintaining an even pressure on the laminate.
  • Conveyor Rollers/Wheels:Conveyor rollers/wheels are typically found on assembly lines. They may be on conveyor belt drive systems, where one drive roller/wheel keeps the belt moving.  Or perhaps they are a series of idler rollers, where operators push product down the line. They’re commonly made from a steel core that’s covered with polyurethane.  Urethane’s high coefficient of friction and high abrasion resistance provides less downtime and lower maintenance costs.
  • V-Rollers: Polyurethane V-rollers, also referred to as V-groove track rollers, are used on boat trailers, moving cameras for sporting events, and many industrial applications. You’ll see v-rollers being used to move pipes, cables, tubing, wire, and thread. V-rollers are also used to suspend objects such as automobile assembly lines. Urethane’s extreme abrasion resistance is key for the long life of V-rollers.


  • We can manufacture from a supplied sample or technical drawings.


Polyurethane Rollers
Size rangeAs Per Customer Sample or Technical Drawings
Types of drive rollersConveyer Rollers, Feed Rollers , Pulley Rollers , Flanged Rollers

Grooved Rollers, Nip Rollers, Pinch Rollers, Guide Rollers, Pipe Rollers, and Many More…

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