Paper Reel Stacker

Paper Reel Stacker

  • Ideal for handling Plastic Rolls, Paper Rolls, Cloth Rolls Etc…
  • Safe, effective, fast way of transporting, lifting, stacking, loading, unloading Paper, Plastic Roll/Reels



Paper Reel Stacker
MOC MS Powder Coated Finish Or Paint
Drive Type Manual Push-Pull Type, Hydraulic Up-Down
Standard Capacity 500 Kgs, 1000 Kgs, 1500 Kgs, 2000 Kgs
Min. Lifting Height 120 mm
Max. Lifting Height 500 mm to 6000 mm
Top Platform Size 600/700/1000 mm
Structure Design Single Mast / Double Mast /Triple Mast
Available Drive Option Manual-Hydraulic, Electric Operated,

Battery Operated Up-Down

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