Manual Hydraulic Stacker

Manual Hydraulic Stacker

  • Pallet stackers/ Manual Stackers are a step up from the traditional Pallet Truck
  • Manual Hydraulic Stackers make moving, lifting, loading and unloading simpler and quicker.
  • Manual Stackers are an economical alternative to a forklift truck and – because of their smaller size and weight – can be used in smaller spaces.
  • Ideal for warehousing and light manufacturing applications.



Manual Hydraulic Stacker   
MOC MS Powder Coated Finish Or Paint
Drive Type Manual Push-Pull Type, Hydraulic Up-Down
Standard Capacity 1000 kgs
Fork Length 1150mm
Overall Fork Width 550mm /600mm /300-850mm Adjustable
Lower Fork Height 90-100mm
Structure Design Single Mast / Double Mast
Lifting Height 1600mm Standard, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm
Structure Design Single Mast / Double Mast
Available Capacities 1000 kgs, 1500 Kgs , 2000 Kgs
Other Option   Special fork length, width, wheels & capacity

  As per Client Requirement.

Available Drive Option Manual-Hydraulic, Electric Operated,

Battery Operated Up-Down

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