Manual Drum Stacker (V-Shaped Base)

Manual Drum Stacker (V-Shaped Base)

  • Manual Drum Stacker with V-Shaped Base Frame raise and place a drum at required Location.
  • Available to carry the drum to stack lower than 1500 mm.
  • Eagle-grip Clamping Mechanism provide safest griping on Steel/HDPE Pl.astic Drums.
  • Loading Capacity: 450 Kgs.
  • Operating Type: Manual Propel , Eagle-grip Drum Holding,  Hydraulically  Up-Down.



  • Lifting, Transporting, Stacking, Palletizing of Drums.



Manual Drum Stacker (V-Shaped Base).
Operating Type/Manual Propel/Hydraulically Up-Down
Load capacitykg450
Lifting heightmm1100 from Drum Bottom
Inner/Outer Width of Front Legmm920/1140
Turning radiusmm1100
wheel sizemmØ150*50/ Ø125*50
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