Hi-Flow Rotary Barrel Pump

Hi-Flow Rotary Barrel Pump

  • Geared Rotary Barrel Pump with 3 times discharge per rotation; for every turn of the handle the rotor turns 3 times
  • Aluminium die cast pump with sintered gear driven die cast rotor & vanes
  • Complete with 3 pc threaded suction tube for use on 50-210 litre drums.



Hi-Flow Rotary Barrel Pump.
Drive Type Manual/ Rotary  Operated
Flow Rate Up to 500ML Per Rotation
Wetted Components Steel, Aluminium, Zinc, NBR, PVC Nitrile
Recommended Use Gasoline, Diesel, Kerosene etc. Works with most petroleum based media & lubricating oils up to SAE 90
Do Not use with: Corrosive media, solvents, acids, alkalis etc.
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