Full Electric Stacker

Full Electric Stacker

  • The Full Electric Stacker with different loading capacities and various lifting heights is built for stacking in intensive applications in stores and factories, applications that require durable high capacity trucks that are also capable of horizontal transport purposes.
  • Most advanced AC Driving motor & Controller using to ensure the smooth running of Precise, vehicle with regenerative braking ramp, anti slip, Maintenance free motor function
  • Best quality lifting Motor, hydraulic power unit, an operating handle, power plug, power display
  • Suspension design drive system, ensure the good ground contact with the wheels
  • Handy Steering with Handle Controller ensure comfortable operation
  • Design puts the focus on the safety & ergonomic working condition of the user.
  • Open able integrated rear cover board, Accurate Display of power meter, fault code Display when the Stacker Failure which gives convenient maintenance
  • Simple & Convenient operation system



Full Electric Stacker
MOC MS Powder Coated Finish Or Paint
Drive Type Electric ( Fully Battery Operated)
Load Center 500mm
Structure Design Single Mast / Double Mast
Available  Capacity 1000Kgs/1500Kgs/2000Kgs.
Available Lifting Height 1600 mm,  2000mm, 2500mm,3000mm, 3300mm


Fork Length 1150 x160 x50mm
Fork Lower Height 80-90mm
Fork Width 360-680 mm (Adjustable Fork)
Traction Motor 1.5KW
Lift Motor 2.2 KW/ 3 KW
Battery Charger Input AC-220V/ 50(60)HZ
Battery Charger Output DC- 24V/40A
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