Elevated Steel Box Cart

Elevated Steel Box Cart

  • Steel Bulk Carts Feature a Raised Platform that Eases Physical Strain!
  • Elevated 20″ high platform reduces lifting effort to help prevent back injuries.
  • All welded steel with 20″H solid steel metal sides.
  • Comfortable push handle.
  • Rolls easily 2 swivel and 2 rigid.
  • Durable Powder coat finish Or Paint



Elevated Steel Box Cart.
MOCMS Powder Coated Finish Or Paint
Drive TypeManual Push Type
Available CapacityUp to 500 kgs.
Standard Top Platform Size48” Length X 24” Width x 38” Height From Ground

48” Length X 36” Width x 38” Height From Ground

Special Top Platform Size/ Sider Height/ Height From GroundAs Per Requirement
Wheel OptionUHMW-PE, Nylon, Solid Rubber Wheels
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