Drum Lever Bar/Drum Positioning Tool

Drum Lever Bar/Drum Positioning Tool

  • Drum lever bars are designed to move steel drums by rotating them.
  • Suitable for tight-head steel drums, this lever bar connects to the upper lip of the drum. Rotate the drum manually, using the of leverage to ease the effort.
  • Once connected to the top lip of the drum the bar can be pulled to rotate/move the drum in the required direction. The bar should be repositioned to make the next movement, to move the drum in the opposite direction simply turn the lever bar over.
  • Safe working load (SWL):  350kg
  • Mild Steel construction with Paint Or Powder Coated finish

Drum lever bars used for:

  • Moving a drum to the edge of a pallet to allow it to be picked up by a drum depalletize.
  • Move drums closer together on a pallet so that no drums are overhanging the pallet. This may be necessary if the drum has been placed on a pallet using a forklift.
  • Drums can be orientated so that the discharge bung or labels are in the correct orientation.


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