Drainer 4 Wheel Drum Truck

Drainer 4 Wheel Drum Truck

  • The innovative design of this 4 wheel drum truck to move and dispense a heavy drum with extra safety, ease of use, and versatility
  • Drainer 4 Wheel Drum Trucks Facilitate the moving and dispensing of liquids from a 55 gallon drum into a 5 gallon container (with help of Drum Faucet)
  • The double rim saddle elevates the drum to a 14″ drain height for easy horizontal pouring.
  • 04 Nos Rollers on bed frame rotate the Steel drum without removing it from the truck.
  • Duly power coated & ready for use.



  • Lifting, Transporting &dispensing of liquids from the Drums with help of Drum Faucet.



  • Wheels: Polyurethane/Rubber
  • MOC- Stainless Steel Mirror-Matt Finish.



Drainer 4 Wheel Drum Truck
Capacity kgs 400
Wheel Dimension mm Ø200*50, Ø150*50, Ø75*25
Operating Type Manual Push-Pull, Mechanical Locking
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