Counterbalance Fully Powered Drum Lifter Tilter

Counterbalance Fully Powered Drum Lifter Tilter

  • Drum Lifter Tilter provide a safe, ergonomic solution for your most challenging Drum lift, lower, tilt, rotate and dispense.
  • Counterbalance Drum Lifter/Tilter are specifically designed to provide precise Drum handling and maneuverability.
  • Counterbalance design allows close access to loading and unloading areas
  • Their heavy-duty construction will provide years of dependable service
  • Operating Type: Battery Operated Walking , Lifting, Tilting, Up-Down



  • Lifting, Transporting, Tilting, Rotating, Dispensing, Pouring at Required Height


ModelCounterbalance Powered Drum Lifter Tilter
Drive Type/Electric (Battery Driven)
Operating Type/Standing steer type
Load capacitykg420
Lifting heightmm2400 from Drum Bottom
Total heightmm1860
Total lengthmm2270
Total widthmm1170
Turning radiusmm2150
Max. Grade ability


Driving wheel sizemmØ250*80
Brake type/Electromagnetic braking
Drive motor powerkw1.2
Lifting motor powerkw2.2
Noise leveldb(A)<70
Battery voltage/capacityV/Ah24/210
Net weightkg1050
Drum rotating range°135°


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