Aluminium Aerial Work Platform (Double Mast)

Aluminium Aerial Work Platform (Double Mast)

  • Aerial Work Platform is a cost-effective lift option. These versatile machines combine tight access maneuverability with ample space for two workers and their tools on a large platform
  • Aerial Work Platform offer exceptional stability with a patented aluminum mast system, heavy-duty lifting chains and welded steel base that stands up to rough jobsite conditions. Bottom line, they’re the ideal choice for big jobs in small spaces.



  • Aluminium mast structure, lifting smooth, lightweight mobile
  • Platform can be controlled up and down, with emergency button
  • Leakage protection, thermal protection, emergency travel protection
  • Power failure self-locking, emergency decline, fuel tank anti-cracking device
  • Quick to set-up and simple to operate
  • Non-marking swivel-lock casters for 360˚ rotation in small spaces
  • Convenient handle for easy steering and maneuverability, even though standard doorways
  • Easy transport with  multi-directional forklift pockets, outrigger storage sockets and sturdy tie-down attachments point



 Aluminium Aerial Work Platform (Double Mast)
Safe working load200KG200KG200KG200KG200KG150KG
Allowable number of people111111
The maximum working height8.00M10.00M11.00M12.00M14.00M16.00M
The maximum platform height6.00M8.00M9.00M10.00M12.00M14.00M
Machine length1.54M1.54M1.54M1.76M1.76M1.90M
Machine width1.00M1.00M1.00M1.00M1.00M1.16M
Machine height2.00M2.00M2.00M2.00M2.00M2.35M
Rise Time (S)55 S75 S80 S88 S100 S112 S
Work platform size1.30 * 0.62M1.30 * 0.62M1.30 * 0.62M1.52 * 0.62M1.52 * 0.62M1.52 * 0.62M
Outrigger Footprint1.77 * 1.82M1.77 * 1.82M1.77 * 1.82M2.1 * 2.00M2.1 * 2.00M2.36 * 2.33M
Minimum ground clearance0.05M0.05M0.05M0.05M0.05M0.05M
Lifting motor ( AC )1.1KW1.1KW1.1KW1.1KW1.1KW1.5KW
Machine weight (AC)630KG680KG730KG800KG830KG904KG
OptionalPower storage24V / 100Ah24V / 100Ah24V / 100Ah24V / 100Ah24V / 100Ah24V / 100Ah
Hoisting motor (DC)0.80KW0.80KW0.80KW0.80KW1.5KW1.5KW
charger24V / 12A24V / 12A24V / 12A24V / 12A24V / 12A24V / 12A
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