Semi Powered Drum Stacker (V-Shaped Base)

Semi Powered Drum Stacker (V-Shaped Base)

  • The V-shaped base Drum Stacker is designed,so you can raise and place a drum at the corners of a pallet.
  • Allow you to move drums on and off shipping pallets with help of  Drum Stacker.
  • Available to carry the drum to stack lower than 1100 mm.
  • Eagle-grip design provide safest griping on Steel/HDPE Plastic Drums.
  • Loading Capacity: 300 Kgs.
  • Operating Type: Manual Propel , Eagle-grip  Drum Holding, Battery OperatedUp-Down.



  • Lifting, Transporting, Stacking, Palletizing of Drums.
  • Frequent loading and unloading of Drums.



Semi Powered Drum Stacker (V-Shaped Base)
Operating Type / Manual Propel/Battery Operated Up-Down
Load capacity kg 300
Lifting height mm 1100 from Drum Bottom
Total height mm 1870
Total length mm 1500
Total width mm 1350
Turning radius mm 1230
wheel size mm Ø150*50, Ø125*50
Battery Ah/V 100 Ah 12V
Net weight kg 178
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