High Lift Pallet Truck

High Lift Pallet Truck

  • Scissor lift truck can be used for transportation or work platform
  • High Lift Pallet Truck body design is compact, fast lifting pump function, saving time and improve labor efficiency; widely used in factories, workshops, warehouses, supermarkets, etc. Location.
  • Lifting range can be adapted to different handling height, reducing the bending troubles handling goods
  • Combination of pallet truck and lifting platform functions
  • Advanced hydraulic system with rapid promotion, high efficiency;
  • High quality, reliable, long life, good sealing effect.



High Lift Pallet Trucks   
MOC MS Powder Coated Finish Or Paint
Drive Type Manual Push-Pull Type, Hydraulic Up-Down
Standard Capacity 800 kgs / 1000 kgs
Fork Length 1150mm / 1220mm
Overall Fork Width 550mm / 685 mm
Size Of Fork 150 x 65mm
Lower Fork Height 90-100mm
Lifting Height 800mm / 1000mm
Steering Wheels Size/MOC 180mm x 50mm/ Nylon- Polyurethane
Load Roller Size/MOC 82mm x 70mm/ Nylon- Polyurethane
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