Oil Control Gun with Electronic Meter

Oil Control Gun with Electronic Meter

  • Heavy duty oil control gun with robust aluminium construction
  • Electronic preset design; works on 4 x 1.5V AA batteries
  • Dual Mode: Manual & Pre-Set (dispenses set quantity of media & stops)
  • Oval gear mechanism for optimum accuracy
  • Lifetime non-resettable totalizer can be set in litres
  • Built-in swivel at Inlet fitted with strainer



Oil Control Gun with Electronic  Meter
Flow Rate 1-30 LPM
Inlet 1/2″ BSP (F)
Accuracy ± 0.50%
Repeat Ability ± 0.20%
Maximum Working Pressure PSI 1,000 PSI (70 BAR)
Temperature OC -5O C to 50 O
Minimum Pre Set Qty. 0.10 units
Maximum Pre Set Qty. 99.9 units
MAX. Resettable Batch Totalizer 999.9
MAX. Non Resettable Batch Totalizer 999999 units
Viscosity of Media Dispensed 10 to 5000 cst
Resolution/ Least Count 0.0005 litre
Water Resistance IP55
Wetted Components Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Polyurethane, Acetic Resin, Hi Nitrile Rubber
Recommended Use Oils with viscosity in the range of 10 to 5000 cst, Diesel
Do Not Use With Petrol, Windshield Fluids etc.
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