Manual Drum Lifter Tilter

Manual Drum Lifter Tilter

  • Hydraulically lift and Mechanically  Rotating for  55 gallon steel drums & 200L plastic drums
  • Mechanical Top Drum lip Holding Clamp & Bottom Spring Loaded Lock ensure perfect Drum Holding
  • With Help of Gear Box -Rotating Mechanism, Drum Can rotate  180°
  • Tilting Or Pouring Liquid at your required height up to 1500mm
  • Operating Type: Manual Propel, Hydraulically Up-Down& Tilting ( Rotating) by Mechanical Rotating Mechanism



  • Lifting, Tilting, Rotating, Dispensing, Pouring at Required Height



Powered Drum Lifter Tilter.
Operating type / Manual Propel/ Mechanical Rotating
Load capacity kg 450
Lifting height mm 1500 from Drum Bottom
Pouring Height mm 1680
Wheel Dimension mm Ø150*50
Net weight kg 176
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