Lifting Tackles, Slings, Wire Rope

Lifting Tackles, Slings, Wire Rope

  • We are engaged in offering a wide array of  Lifting Tackles, including Polyester Webbing Slings, Round Endless Slings, Ratchet, Cargo Lashing, Wire Rope, Wire Rope Sling, Chain Sling, Lifting Tackles, Pulling Lifting Machine, Ratchet Lever Hoist, Plate Lifting Clamps, Load Binder, Lashing Winch, Plate Buckle, Ratchet Hook, Special Lashing Hooks.. Etc..
  • Webbing Polyester Slings: Available Capacity : 1 Ton to 24 Ton

For Order Kindly Provide Required: Width X Capacity x Effective Length in Meter

  • Round Endless Polyester Slings: Available Capacity : 1 Ton to 30 Ton
  • Flat Endless Polyester Slings: Available Capacity:  1 Ton to 12 Ton
  • Eye and Eye Polyester Slings: Available Capacity : 1 Ton to 12 Ton
  • Ratchet Lashing : Endless Type Or Two Part
  • Polyester Multileg Slings: we design and supply polyester multileg slings made from quality webbing/round slings with desired end fittings like O Ring/Oblong Ring at top And Hooks/D shackles/Bow shackles at bottom.
  • Wire Rope: Available with different diameters & Capacity across wide variety of constructions used in general engineering, mining, shipping, fishing, elevators, oil drilling, aerial rope, locked coiled ropes
  • Wire Rope Slings: 1. Single Part Slings with different Type of End like Eye & Eye, Eye & Thimble, Thimble & Thimble, Eye & D-Shackle, Thimble & D-Shackle, Eye & Eye Hook, Thimble & Eye Hook, Eye & Swivel Hook, Thimble & Swivel Hook 2. Multi Leg Wire Rope Slings available in two legged, three legged and four legged combination with different types of end fittings
  • Chain & Chain Slings: Available in different sizes & Various end fittings possible, Manufactured as per IS specifications and grade 30/63/80 & above
  • Plate Lifting Clamps: Plate Lifting Clamps are generally manufactured in pairs. The Grips of the Clamp is made out of hardened steel which prevents the clamp from slipping the off load. The Clamps can be supplied either with serrated teeth or smooth faced which-ever preferred by the Buyer.
  • Adjustable Bridle / Multileg Slings: These are normally used for lifting non uniform loads where the load is imbalanced due to non-uniformity of mass. This is so designed that the legs are adjusted and the center of gravity is lined up for balanced handling of Non-uniform loads
  • Drum Lifting Belt: Drum Lifting Belt Available for Steel Drum- Horizontal Or Vertical Lifting Purpose
  • Cargo Nets: We Supply cargo nets of different specifications and sizes as per customers  requirement
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