Dock Ramp (Portable Steel Yard Ramp)

Dock Ramp (Portable Steel Yard Ramp)

  • Mobile dock ramp can be applied on sundry occasions such as the position in the non-loading platform, not fixed load and unload location, narrow load and unload ground and so on.
  • Mobile forklift truck and other transporting facilities can enter into the truck to carry on loading and unloading directly.
  • Provided with manual hydraulic controls.
  • Tires can be folded to lift off when the dock is in use and let down when you need to move the mobile dock.
  • Easy and convenient to move and change the working location of the mobile dock by the manpower


Model Dock Ramp(Portable Steel Yard Ramp)
Capacity 10,000 kgs
Platform Size
A 6000 mm
B 3000 mm
C 1000 mm
D 300 mm
E 10300 mm
F 1800 mm
G 2100 mm
H 1100 mm
J 1600 mm
I 500 mm

**The specifications mentioned above are standard and can be customized 100%, according to the customer need.

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